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UXO Community Geophysics News

Jeff Leberfinger, PGp, PG

Welcome to the UXO  Geophysics Community News column. In this issue you will read contributions about the recently

DAGCAP approved APEX sensor, a SLAM-LiDar – MetalMapper 2×2 Pilot Study, the rescheduled 1st Munition Response Meeting, and news on the 2020 SERDP/ESTCP Symposium Munitions Response Program. If you wish to contribute to the column please send your article to jleberfinger@

APEX Validation at APG

The APEX: Dynamic Advanced Geophysical Classification (AGC) Sensor developed by White River Technologies has successfully completed the AGC hardware Demonstration of Capability (DOC) at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds (APG) test site in Maryland. After the successful completion of the hardware DOC requirements, the system has been approved by the Department of Defense Advanced Geophysical Classification Program (DAGACP) as an accepted sensor for use under the DAGCAP. The system meets DAGCAP standards for:

  • One-Pass Classification
  • Informed Source Solution (ISS)
  • Cued Classification

The system can be deployed as a man-portable system with a 1 meter sensor swath or as a towed array with a 2 to 3 meter swath. If you would like additional information on the APEX system contact Jack Foley

MetalMapper 2×2 – SLAM Integration Pilot Study

Jacobs has been working to apply Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) positioning technology for use with the MetalMapper 2×2 advanced geophysical classification (AGC) sensor. The intent is for high quality and high accuracy location, detection, and classification of Munitions and Explosives of Concern (MEC) in GPS-denied areas, where application of AGC is limited to few and less-efficient positioning systems. Results to date from a 5ac pilot study indicate that SLAM-positioned AGC data are capable of meeting industry requirements for location, detection, and classification. Jacobs intends to apply SLAM positioning technology to conventional digital geophysical mapping (DGM) sensors and surveys to expand the approaches and options for geophysical investigation and remedial approaches at Munitions Response Sites.

SAGEEP 2020 and 1st Munitions Response Meeting – Virtual Event

As many of you know due to COVID-19 the 1st Munitions Response Meeting which was scheduled for this spring in Denver, Colorado was rescheduled to March 14th – 19th, 2021 as an online virtual event. The meeting planning committee is working on updating the 16 scheduled sessions with over 60 Munitions Response (MR) related presentations on a wide variety of MR topics. NAOC is continuing to partner with the Environmental and Engineering Geophysical Society (EEGS) and European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers (EAGE) to offer the meeting in conjunction with the Symposium on the Application of Geophysics to Engineering and Environmental Problems (SAGEEP). John Jackson (USACE CX) and I will continue as the technical chairs

for the 1st Munitions Response Meeting. New and updated abstracts are being evaluated at this time. Additional information on the rescheduled meeting and frequently asked questions can be found at

A list of planned sessions is presented below:

  • Perspectives on Munitions Response
  • MMRP Site Applications I – Lessons Learned
  • MMRP Site Applications II
  • MMRP Site Applications III
  • MMRP Emerging Sensors and Positioning Systems
  • Risk Assessment for Explosive Hazards I
  • Risk Assessment for Explosive Hazards II
  • DAGCAP – Project/Program Lessons Learned
  • International Demining and UXO
  • Robotic Applications to MR I
  • Robotic Applications to MR II
  • Applications for UAVs in Munitions Response
  • MMRP Cost Estimating
  • MC Investigation
  • Underwater Methods for MEC Detection and Classification
  • Analog Geophysics
  • Disposal Trench / OBOD (i.e., non firing range) Geophysics
  • International Demining and UXO

New Firm Receives DAGCAP Accreditation – FPM Remediations, Inc.

There are currently 15 firms that have achieved their DoD Advanced Geophysical Classification Accreditation Program (DAGCAP) ISO 17025 accreditation. Since the last update FPM Remediations, Inc. (FPM) received their accreditation. The successful FPM field team is shown in the photo below. The current list of DAGCAP accredited firms can be found on the Denix website at: geophysical-classification-accreditation-and-other-tools/

2020 SERDP/ESTCP Symposium

The 2020 SERDP and ESTCP Symposium went virtual this year. The Symposium was held as a virtual conference the week of November 30, 2020 – December 4, 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Brian Harre from the Naval Facilities Engineering and Expeditionary Warfare Center (EXWC) chaired a session on “Lessons Learned from Remediation of Sites Containing UXO”. Another technical session, “Development and Use of Underwater UXO Demonstration Sites,” discussed how underwater sensors and platforms have been developed to detect and classify UXO and how controlled demonstration and validation of those systems are now needed. Visit the Symposium website to learn more about the technical sessions, short courses and poster sessions that were offered online during the Symposium: https://www.symposium. #SerdpEstcp2020. For those that registered for the Symposium, the virtual environment will stay open until December 18, if you would like to watch recordings of sessions you missed and browse any posters. Presentation slides will be available on the SERDP ESTCP website in January 2021.

Best Practices Training Seminars on Seequent’s Oasis montaj and Other Geoscience Extensions

Seequent will continue to provide on the series of training seminars they offer to Improve your skills or get a refresher in Seequent solutions in 2021. Join the instructor-led remote courses to learn how you can quickly and effectively gain insights from your geoscience data.

Oasis montaj Fundamentals
12 January @ 1:00 pm to 13 January @ 5:00 pm EST

New to the software or in need of a refresher on the fundamentals of Oasis montaj?

Registration link: fundamentals-12-jan-2021/

UX-Analyze Fundamentals
26 January @ 1:00 pm to 29 January @ 5:00 pm EST

This workshop is an introduction to processing AGC data using UX-Analyze.

Registration link: fundamentals-26-jan-2021/

UAV Geophysics for Environmental Applications
23 February @ 1:00 pm to 24 February @ 5:00 pm EST

Are you flying drone magnetic surveys or planning to soon? This half day workshop will teach you how to plan Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) magnetic surveys and process the resultant data in Oasis montaj.

Registration link: for-environmental-applications-23-feb-2021/