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Research Questionnaires on the Application of Geophysical Methods to Assist in Criminal Investigations

The FBI Laboratory is conducting web-based questionnaires to gather information on the use of metal detectors and geophysical methods (such as ground penetrating radar (GPR), magnetometry and electrical resistivity) to search for hidden or buried targets (clandestine graves, weapons, etc.) in criminal investigations. The intent of these questionnaires is to better understand how geophysical methods are deployed for law enforcement investigations and how effective the method was under case specific conditions.

Survey 1

Target participants: Persons (such as academic or government scientists, private contractors and/or law enforcement personnel) who have conducted one or more geophysical surveys for criminal investigations.

Geophysical Service Providers in Support of Law Enforcement:

Survey 2

Target participants: Law enforcement personnel or organizations who have engaged with external experts (including geotechnical firms, academic or government scientists) to conduct geophysical surveys for one or more criminal investigations.

Law Enforcement use of Geophysical Methods:

Survey 3

Target participants: Law enforcement personnel or organizations who have used hand-held metal detectors in criminal investigations.

Metal Detectors use in Crime Scene Investigations:

Please participate in any of these three questionnaires and share these web links with any associates with relevant experience. If you have any concerns or to clarify the purpose of this study, reach out to [email protected]. All survey can be completed anonymously.