Proposals Sought for Tunnel Detection Systems

By Doug Crice

Do you think you know how to find tunnels? The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has issued a Long Range Broad Agency Announcement (LRBAA) soliciting proposals for tunnel detection (among other topics).
Quoting from the website: “The LRBAA is our standing, open invitation to the scientific and technical communities to propose novel ideas that address DHS Components’ highest priority operational needs. S&T’s LRBAA 18-01 features new processes adopted by those we rely upon to meet our mission.”

• Transparent, simplified announcement with more details
• Streamlined efficient submission procedures
• Notification of DHS interest in your research in 10 days
• Flexible communications including dialogue with topic program managers, a virtual pitch and submission of an optional video

It’s a little hard to find the details, but start here DHS | OIP Portal and in the Research Area search field, select “Securing Borders”. On the results page, click “See Opportunities”. The details are in “Noninvasive, Minimally Disruptive Sensors and Systems”. Create a log-in and work your way through.
Before you go through this, you might want to visit the Webinar page and watch the one on Tunnel Detection. Also useful is this page on “How to apply for a BAA” .
The proposal preparation is simplified; there’s a maximum of three pages and a table. You don’t need a proposal shop staffed with writers and illustrators to make the initial application, unlike an SBIR for example. Success isn’t guaranteed however, they have a geophysicist on hand to read your document as well as some advisors. Good luck.