Goverment Geophysics News, Vol 26.1

Goverment Geophysics News

“A quiet winter with hopefully an exciting field season coming up and more news to report Spring and Summer.  Please check out this timely USGS recent publication for your upcoming gravity surveys. -Abraham”

The U.S. Geological Survey recently published a report, Procedures for Field Data Collection, Processing, Quality Assurance and Quality Control, and Archiving of Relative- and Absolute-Gravity Surveys, that describes field procedures developed over 30 years for carrying out microgravity surveys. The report is one of the first to address the combination of relative- and absolute-gravity meters in a field campaign, but the methods are also applicable to surveys using only relative gravimeters. Two free software packages are included: a comprehensive Python-based graphical user interface for data selection, drift correction, network adjustment, and calculating gravity change over time, and Excel worksheets for data collection and drift correction. For more information contact Jeff Kennedy, USGS Arizona Water Science Center (