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The EEGS Foundation Summer Auction wrapped up last weekend, and we are pleased to report that it was a tremendous success! We sold all but one of the items that were up for bid, with good returns on everything. We owe this success to two groups: those who donated items for auction, and those who bid on auction items. We would especially like to thank the following organizations and individuals who made donations:

Seismic Source
Hager-Richter Geoscience
Mount Sopris Instruments
Proseismic Services
R.T. Clark Co., Inc.
William Doll
East Tennessee Geophysical Services

To follow up on this success, we are already starting to plan the next Foundation Online Auction. The date has yet to be determined but will be widely publicized once it is decided. Four items have already been donated. In addition to what has already been donated, we are currently seeking additional donations. Please help make the next online auction a success and consider donating an item or several items. We ask that you take a few moments to email us about the item(s) you will be donating as soon as you are able. For more information and to donate an item for the auction please contact Tiffany Clark (

Support the EEGS Foundation

The EEGS Foundation depends on monetary donations from the EEGS membership to fund the creation of as well as sustain the implementation of programs designed to further the mission of EEGS. This need is especially true during these difficult economic times created by the COVID-19 pandemic. We, the volunteers serving on EEGS Foundation Board, feel privileged and honored to be able to give back to the community that has been their professional family throughout their careers. However, we need your help to continue the good work of the EEGS Foundation during these trying times. Please consider making a financial donation or the donation of an item for the Next Online Auction today. To learn more about making a tax deductible donation, see the foundation web page ( or contact Dennis Mills at